What a mixed week of emotions! Had breakfast with a good friend yesterday,overour eggs & coffee, we’re both going, & have gone through big transitions which is and has resulted in endings through mainly our own choices, these changes, the death, the end, although took a lot of upheaval are now & will result in a new life, doors are opening and the old is no longer in question, a natural change of events that with our action has turned our lives to positive – our luck has changed, for the better, we have grown and are wiser then before, without this death we could not grow & experience fortune with wisdom. Completing one chapter to enter another is a must for personal growth. For you fearing an end that feels natural where you know something is dead, let it go close that door for another will soon open.


The death card for me usually reflects something that is dead or dying not necessarily a person more likely a situation or lifestyle. This is usually a natural transformation, leaving a new dawn waiting to begin. The wheel of fortune here would sign,a new chapter &  lifestyle brings with it luck, expansion and fortune but only if the end can be laid to rest,taking action to create action allowing this flow of life to continue in a more positive natural way, where you would gain much knowledge and become more wiser in yiour journey.

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