Lisa W – Thanks for a good reading the other day Kate; a few things are already starting to come true.  

Patterson – Thank you for a lovely evening of readings, we all enjoyed then and were very impressed with what was said.

Maxine G – My tarot reading from Kate was incredibly accurate, she made me feel very comfortable and extremely at ease – a wonderful experience, highly recommended.

R.Jl – Just wanted to say thank you and tell you that your prediction of money coming to me at the end of the week came true today. I received a rather nice large cheque from the Inland Revenue & a small win on Tuesday’s Euro lottery! Also you said I wouldn’t find out much about my current job issues today but my original tarot card reading said there were changes going on and I should go with the flow and it would be sorted by the end of August or thereabout. Well I went to a meeting today that was supposed to tell me what was happening to my job, but some issues were raised and the manager has asked is to go with the flow for the next 6 weeks and come up with a better plan! You are very spooky!

Rachelle C  – I don’t usually like card readings but was so impressed its changed my opinion, really spot on, the best one I’ve ever seen and Kate is really nice too.

Vicky L – listening to my reading 6 months on very interesting and pretty much spot on.

Lisa W – A great reading from Kate who’s lovely and speaks with love and honesty. A really nice experience,  thank you.

Mandy – Thank you for a great evening and honest readings.

Mandy H –  Thanks for spot on reading definitely recommend.

Lorraine H – Reading was very accurate  and very impressed that you picked up on the question that I wanted answering.

Rachel G – Spectacular reading with Kate, absolutely brilliant ,I am so impressed I will be going back and will definitely recommend her spot on! ,I think you are fab at what you do and have already had some penny dropping moments since my reading this week.

Bekki G – Thank you so much, that was a fab reading, can’t wait for the next 12  months to unfold.

Michelle L – I don’t know where u get your gift but thank you so much. The biggest thing has near enough been sorted. You’re a fabulous lady and I’m so happy. I had a brilliant reading from Kate. Thank  you so much Kate it made me so much happier.

Lisa S – I had a reading done a few weeks back… And my goodness… To say you were spot on Hun would be an understatement. Thank you so much. I am grateful to have met you, thank you.

DI B – I had a fantastic reading with you Kate, I was really surprised what came up.

Tony A – Kate thanks for a great reading today, you’re a sincere genuine person.

Tracey H – Great reading thanks Katy.

Charmaine G – I was very happy with my reading! I thought it was great value for money too.

Zara J – Hi Kate just thought I would share how right your predictions  are so far, you said I would have trouble with a car; my car broke down on Friday!!  Also my bloke would have changes with his work but he was going to do well; h  was just told he has two weeks work left and that he needs to find other work!  Hoping the wealth etc. comes true now.

Tanya L – Accurate blimey you were amazing.

Joe D – You have a special talent Kate and my readings accurate, can’t wait for next time….extremely good value for money.

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